Curator Award

3rd Annual International Onlne Art Exhibition

Keep reading to unveil the recipients of the prestigious International Online Exhibition Curator Awards from iamart.ist. These distinguished awardees, meticulously chosen by Karen, a

seasoned Artist Manager, Fine Art Auctioneer, and Consultant Expert, armed with a Fine Art Evaluation degree. Discover the visionary minds shaping the art world's digital frontier and championing creativity globally.

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I am Artist

The International Awareness Movement for Artists, I Am Artist (www.iamart.ist), stands as a beacon for creative minds worldwide, offering a vibrant platform for artists to showcase their talents, engage in enriching experiences, and connect with a global audience passionate about art. With its diverse range of offerings, from exhibitions to workshops and beyond, I Am Artist is not just a website but a thriving community that fosters creativity and artistic growth.

At the heart of I Am Artist's mission is the empowerment of emerging talents. Through its website, forums, and e-magazine, the platform provides a stage for artists to exhibit their works, garner exposure, and network with fellow creators and art enthusiasts. This exposure is crucial for budding artists seeking recognition and opportunities to showcase their skills to a wider audience.

One of the hallmarks of I Am Artist is its commitment to education and skill development. The organization regularly organizes free workshops and camps, breaking down barriers of age, time, and functionality. These workshops serve as invaluable learning experiences, where participants can hone their craft, explore new techniques, and gain insights from seasoned professionals in the art world. By democratizing access to education and training, I Am Artist empowers individuals to realize their full artistic potential.

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